Our Promise to You

  • To provide superior sights & sounds, a hassle free install experience, and legendary customer service after the installation.
  • To assist you with both the planning of your new setup, and the integration with your existing components both before and after your purchase.
  • To help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your A/V setup and installation.
  • To ensure that the placement of your A/V components are the best to suit your needs.
  • To make your installation safe.  We inspect all installs to ensure proper ventilation for safety and component life.  We also make sure that you are safely meeting the power requirements for your system components.
  • We also provide troubleshooting services to diagnose and remedy any and all A/V problems you may have.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Customer is responsible for ensuring sufficient AC outlets and power to accommodate both new and existing audio & video equipment.  To maintain safety standards we will not perform an installation deemed hazardous due to power availability.
  • Customer is responsible for ensuring a safe location for the placement of all components and wall mount TV’s.  For your safety and the protection of your purchase we are unable to complete installations on unsuitable/unsafe structures.
  • For all in-wall speakers and some wire installations, technicians must have access above and/or below the wall for paying additional fees for circumstances not anticipated prior to or during an installation.  Time for additional work will be billed at a rate of $75/hr plus the cost of any additional hardware.
  • Installer must e notified at least 24 hours in advance of any change to a scheduled installation.  Changes made within 24 hours an appointment may result in additional charges.

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